I work at Whole Foods Market and as I have been working in the Specialty department I have obviously come across many cheeses. Yes, I

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Mediterranean Diet Ay

Reuters had an interesting article talking about another recent study detailing how a Mediterranean diet can help to protect, not only against heart disease, but

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I Want Some Licorice

No, that is not weed… that is wild licorice. Huh… I feel like I forgot all about it. I want some licorice. I like licorice…

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On Buying Organic

I am all for buying organic as most of the time these foods are of higher quality. Usually harmful chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides

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Breastfeeding and IQ

An article in the Los Angeles Times highlighted a study of around 14,000 children which showed that breastfeeding in the early months can raise verbal

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My Favorite Cake

I had a birthday recently and was fortunate enough to have my favorite cake. It is a french pastry cake with ricotta filling. I have

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