Food and Common Sense… numero dos

It’s time to talk about food and common sense again. Well, I am not sure how much I will actually talk about common sense but that’s what I want to call it. So buck up! Gear up! Get ready to pay attention!

What’s the point of writing about food? What’s the point about caring about what we eat?

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Fish Getting More Toxic

It’s a real bummer that fish is getting more contaminated. Especially since wild caught fish is so healthy otherwise. A new study by the US

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mmm… green beans

Let’s talk about green beans. I am a huge fan of green beans… especially Italian style. Almost every time I go to visit my grandma she makes green beans cause she knows how much I like them. She knows I like them with some extra virgin olive oil, sauteed garlic, and tomatoes and then cooked down till tender.

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Foods For Weight Loss – Part 5

Well, this part is actually about water. Yeah, I know, I know the title says “Foods For Weight Loss”… I just like keeping it a part of the same series even though we should call it Water For Weight Loss…

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Foods For Weight Loss – Part 4

Part 4 is here and we are going to talk about meat. Yeah, now we are getting to the meat of it. I did talk a little bit about meat in Part 1 when referencing fats. Remember how we talked about omega-3 fatty acids being very important in weight loss?

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Foods For Weight Loss – Part 3

Part 3 is about grains, carbs, and starches. In general. Of course, if you ever read this blog you already know that I am already referring to whole foods and not processed and refined foods. So, if you are on a mission to lose weight and are wondering what grains or carbs you should eat to help your mission, then you are in the right place.

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Foods For Weight Loss – Part 2

Now, moving on. Let’s talk about vegetables. Of course whenever you are writing about foods for weight loss you should be writing about vegetables as well. Surely by now you have grown up all of your life either having someone tell you to eat your vegetables or hearing all over the place how vegetables are sooo good for you. So, I will spare you… considering that it is common knowledge that vegetables are good for you.

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Foods For Weight Loss – Part 1

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned that I was going to start a series with regard to foods for weight loss. Well here it is. I have given it some thought and decided that 1. I want to start with some foods that you SHOULD be eating if you are serious about eating the right foods for weight loss and 2. I didn’t want to limit any post to a certain format but would just keep adding parts… after all this is not a book, it’s a blog. I will provide links though to all of the parts. Also, I wanted to mention that the series will not only be about losing weight… but more about losing weight from fat, since you can gain good weight from muscle. Now, on we go with part 1.

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