January 19th, 2010

If you drink this, you will have an awesome life and all of your problems will go away.

by Tim, 4 Comments »

A lot of times I end up talking to people about all sorts of ‘amazing and exciting new health drinks’. Drinks like MonaVie, Zrii, Frutaiga, Goji juice, Noni Juice, Genesis, Xango, Mandura, Vemma, and the list goes on and on.

First, let me say that I think a lot of these products are good, and there are some good manufacturers of them, and some are done well and can be beneficial for people. Buuuuuut, I’m gonna go with my gut on this one…

I do not care for the spirit of all of these companies and drinks. Let me explain. Far too many people are looking for a quick fix or a miracle drug or one thing that they can do so they do not have to change their life. The mindset, whether spoken or not, is ‘let me do whatever I want and just take this drink to keep me healthy’ or ‘taking this product is going to cure my ills’ or ‘I am going to use this combined with whatever to help me stay young forever’ or… whatever else is here it bothers me. It’s like the mindset that says, ‘I can eat this terrible thing, I will just exercise a little more to work it off’.

When you are eating well, there is no need to even be concerned with all of the peripheral latest and greatest things that are coming out. There are numerous beneficial products being produced, but the majority of people, who these products are marketed to, need to look in the mirror and change themselves and their every day habits of diet or way of life. Sure, keep an eye on the ‘modern food’ coming out, but keep perspective with food that has nourished people for thousands of years, like olive oil, perhaps.

The $20-$40 per bottle that this stuff costs is ridiculous. They should go drink some raw goat milk or colostrum, buy some coconut oil, and eat fresh vegetables and it would do the exact same thing for less money.

Besides, MLM always comes across as distasteful. It’s kind of like the taste of sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, and sulfur dioxide… pun intended.

  • kateinthekitchen

    Thank you. Everyone needs just a touch of honesty in their lives- and well, some people need A LOT- and this “miracle” stuff isn't going to cut it. You nailed the advice. Thank you for that.

  • kateinthekitchen

    Thank you. Everyone needs just a touch of honesty in their lives- and well, some people need A LOT- and this “miracle” stuff isn't going to cut it. You nailed the advice. Thank you for that.

  • Tania

    I disagree, only a little bit, that’s allowed isn’t it? ¬†I do feel our world needs something that will help our bodies stay healthy because it is hard to find good healthy food on the market anymore. ¬†With pesticides and growth hormones being added to our fresh produce and livestock, it puts us in danger on getting sick. ¬†Also, with the problems of over farming the land, the minerals are being rapidly depleted therefore making our fruits and vegetables less nutritious. ¬†Even if one can afford to buy organic, which I try to as often as I can, you still have the mineral depletion problem with our soil and organic growers are not highly regulated in all parts of the world so who knows what you are buying. ¬†I have personally been taking Vemma for 3 months now and can honestly say I have experienced an improvement in my health. ¬†Many other people can attest to the same thing. ¬†I cannot speak for any of the other companies out there but Vemma explicitly says this is not a MIRACLE CURE. ¬†They simply ask you to try it for 30 days and if you don’t feel any different, you get your money back so there is no risk. ¬†Vemma is confident you will like it as they have conducted scientific studies that show how wonderful their product really is.

    As for your issues with Network Marketing. ¬†Simply said, a good network marketing company, such as Vemma, will help you and your friends and family get rich rather than a large corporation. ¬†Isn’t that better? ¬†Why would you choose to give all your money to a Safeway or Shoppers Drug Mart where you make absolutely NOTHING then support yourself and others you care about by helping them make money? ¬†Seems kind of backwards. ¬†I think the world is changing and it is time for people to look at alternative ways to earn money. ¬†What better way to be successful then word of mouth advertising and that is what Network Marketing is all about. ¬† ¬†Please don’t lump a Network Marketing strategy in with the illegal Pyramid Schemes or the first types of MLM companies from years ago. ¬†Things have changed and are way better now. ¬†There are basically 3 types of people. ¬†Group 1, trade time for money by working a regular 9 to 5 job. ¬†You basically have a ceiling of how much you can earn and you must put in the time of a full time job in order to earn it. ¬†Then there are those who are self employed, well sorry to tell you but you have just bought yourself a job. ¬†If you stop working, you probably also stop earning. ¬†Then there is the third group who have multiple streams of income. ¬†With Vemma you earn immediate and longterm income. ¬†The longterm portion of your compensation when set up will earn you money while you sleep. ¬†It is not a pipe dream, it is true and many people have achieved this.

  • Hi Tania,
    Yes, you are allowed to disagree. : ) I am glad that you are seeing improvement in your health with Vemma. As I mentioned above, I think some of these have good ingredients and can be beneficial to people. It’s just that I think the mindset and lifestyle of the overall foods you are eating is much more important.¬†